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Science Based Coaching Pedagogy

Our entire system is based on evidence supplied by fields such as neuroscience, child development, ecological dynamics, motor learning, skill acquisition, psychology, sports science, and more.  This means that rather than coaching methods based on what may have worked for others, or methods that do not put the needs of the athlete first, DUVBC adheres to principles of teaching and coaching that have been proven to be the most efficient way for players to reach their individual potential, and for teams to create the synergistic harmony that we strive for.

Positive Environment

We teach and motivate from a positive, future focused mindset at all times.  There is no place in youth sports for the use of fear, shame, scarcity, or physical punishment to motivate, influence, or reprimand players.  Instead we let connection, purpose, and autonomy act as the driving force behind each player's journey.

College Placement

We help our student athletes explore and find the right institution to further their education as well as compete at the collegiate level.

As a member of DUVBC, there are valuable resources at your disposal to assist in the recruitment process.


Our student athletes will be held to the highest standards regarding academics. Our coaching staff teach and coach in various institutions in the area and understand the importance of having an excellent student athlete experience.

plan ahead

Season Details are posted early and are as accurate as possible.


We make it easy on our families by having a stable, structured system that is extremely efficient.


Communication from the DUVBC administration and coaching staff is provided in a timely manner . Our website is updated in daily basis to provide the best experience for our families.

coaching staff

Our coaches played, coach at the collegiate level and are USAV CAP certified.

Team practices

With a certified, qualified and professional coaching staff that is passionate and dedicated.

Position training

Led by University of Pennsylvania, Moroccan national team assistant coach and USA volleyball cadre Marouane Jafir. 


Take your game to the next level by developing your speed, jump, agility, flexibility, strength & balance.